Emerald Forest
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Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest

The Emerald Forest is an ancient place where reality and illusions are intertwined. Some go to this magical place in search of something...some go to escape.

Canon for Emerald Forest

The Emerald Forest boarders the Brown Wizard Delt’s northern eastside. It continues eastward towards the White Wizard Tower. The Emerald Forest is north of Rabbit Lake. The westside of the forest towards the Brown Wizard Delta is much lighter than the eastside. The Iota Path runs through the middle of the forest going north and south. This path appears and disappears. The Emerald Forest is filled with magical plants that can be naughty or nice.

The Emerald Forest is where Warrior Kathleen of the Woodlands (#15515) lives with her group of females called the Jadeites. It is the place where Kathleen had her legendary battle with the Nightmare Imp beast (#6).

Soul Shaded Spectre Lucinda of the Spike (#1847) can be summoned in the Emerald Forest. You must sing “Lu Lu Lucinda” in order to ask her for a favor. She will make you sacrifice something to win a prize or wish.

Enchanter Daphne of the Forest (#85) lives on the eastside of the forest and she is the keeper of the ancient book of magical spells. Daphne can only be found if her great horned owl Lily decides it is okay.

It is also home to Alchemist Zane of the Plains (#9311). Wizard Zane is known for his potions but doesn’t like people and he is difficult to find.

The Village of Almanac

At the southern edge of the Emerald Forest is the village of Almanac. Named after a plant that grows along the eastside of the forest on the banks of the Chunky River. The village of Almanac is a crossroad. It is a place where the roads of Noxi and Iota Path intersect. People who travel father north than the Emerald Forest are called "up north folk".

Almanac was settled a hundred years ago by four Brown Hat wizard families. These wizards were searching for their family members who had gone missing. A group of eleven Brown Hats who wanted to settle in the area disappeared. What happen to the missing eleven Brown Hats at this intersection is a mystery to this day. Why only four of the eleven families searched for the missing wizards is also a mystery,.

The four Brown Hat settlers of the Village of Almanac were: Horis Beridan, Keres Aducah, Odren Temal, Morana Roanoke. These four named the village of Almanac after the Almanac plant that grows in the area.

Horis Mercantile Shop

The Horis Beridian Brown Hat family started Horis Mercantile Shop. The Mercantile Shop is located on the northeastern corner of Noxi Road and Iota Path. Horis Beridian was known for his ability to develop seeds which grow the healthiest produce. His research and development of seeds shaped modern farming. Currently the shop is being operated by Boris Beridian. Horis had a kind heart and helped anyone who need it. Today Boris cares on this philosophy and helps any travelers who enter his shop.

Dark Horse Tavern

The Keres Aducah Brown Hat family started the Dark Horse Tavern. Dark Horse Tavern is located in the village of Almanac. It is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Noxi road and Iota Path.

This tavern is where travelers, peddlers, and other wanderers stop for the night to get a room, some food, and drinks. There is a backroom in the tavern where secret deals and trades are made. Hanging from the ceiling and walls are handcrafted mugs with the names of the wizards and warriors who have been to the tavern before. Each mug has a number and name written on the bottom of it. Many of the names are aliases. When a wizard or warrior returns to the tavern their mug flies off the ceiling or wall and lands right on the table right in front of them. The mugs are all different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Keres Aducah was known for her ability to ferment the finest spirits from various plants. Her creativity developed some of the finest liquors used today. There is a wicked drink named after her called Keres Kiss. People say it will either cure you or kill you. Keres started trading and bartering in the backroom of the tavern in order to get the supplies and ingredients she needed.

Currently the Dark Horse Tavern is being operated by Gorgo Aducah. Gorgo doesn't say much. You know by his actions how he is feeling or what your answer to a question might be. If he walks to the door and opens it you know you need to leave. If you order the Keres Kiss he will ask for payment first and then smile at you while you drink it.

Oden Livery and Stables

The Odren Temal Brown Hat family started the Odren Livery and Stables. Oden Livery and Stables is located on the southeast corner of Noxi road and Iota Path. Odren Temal was known for his ability to understand horses to such a degree people thought that he could communicate with the horses and ponies with his mind. People from around the Runiverse used to search him out for help with their horses and ponies. His practices are still being used today. Currently Quincy Termal is running the livery and stables. Quincy also seems to have Odren gift to communicate with animals.

Morana Trading Post

The Morana Roanoke Brown Hat family started the Morana Trading Post. Currently being operated Rana Roanoke. Her full name is Morana Roanoke. She was named after the original Morana but uses Rana for her first name. Trading Post is located on the southwestern corner of Noxi Road and Iota Path. There is a community cemetery located just south of the Morana Trading Post.

Morana Roanoke was known for her ability to heal people using plants found in the area. Her medical solutions are used in most pharmaceuticals today. Rana has developed some of her own cures to help wizards and warriors. Rana also is a tattoo artist.

Almanac Cemetery

The Almanac Cemetery is located behind the Morana Trading Post. In the front of the cemetery there are eleven stones dedicated to the eleven missing Brown Hat Wizards who disappear from the area a hundred years ago. These eleven missing wizards have never been found. There are rumors and that a white wizard had something to do with their disappearance.

Chunky River

The Chunky River runs from north to south through the Emerald Forest. The Iota Path follows this river and also runs north to south.

The Chunky River got its name from the blue river rats which build new nests each spring along its banks. When the river rat babies no longer need a nest the nests are abandoned and eventually the ground falls into the river making it wider. The River Rats look like a small capybaras with long white whiskers and brown noses.

Iota Path

The Iota Path runs north to south through the Emerald Forest and appears and disappears as it meanders along the west bank of the Chunky River. It was named by some of the settlers who often said they didn't care one iota if you traveled north on the path and didn't make it back.

Noxi Road

The road of Noxi runs west to east along the southern border of the Emerald Forest. Noxi got its name from eleven Brown Hats that disappeared on it hundreds of years ago and have never been found. Noxi means “number eleven”.

Warrior Kathleen's Home

Deep in the Emerald Forest are trees growing in circles with one large tree in the middle. These trees are called the huddle trees. The canopy of each group of trees are intertwined so tightly they appear to almost be choking each other.

In the middle of each circle of trees there is one larger tree than all the rest. This tree in much older and the way the roots stick out of the ground gives the appearance the the rest of the trees from the circle grew out of the larger main tree.

Warrior Kathleen lives on the top of one of the middle trees. In order to get to where she lives you must climb to the top of the tree by weaving in and out between various branches. There appears to be several ways to get to the top but only one secret path will take you to the top. The other paths lead you back down or into spiked snake vines.

At the top of the tree if you pull back some thinner branches in the correct sequence it will reveal a hut, Warrior Kathleen's home.

Giant Sloths

The giant sloth's dark brown fur blends in with the shredding hickory trees making it difficult to see them. It is if they appear and disappear. The giant sloths are about two times the size of a normal man but occasionally they are three times bigger. They are curious creatures which if you are not careful they will grab you and hold you for hours or days with their long nails. Often gazing at you with their big smiles while you try to escape or die.

Chunky River

The Chunky River got its name from the blue river rats which build new nests each spring. When the blue river rat babies no longer need a nest they are abandoned. Eventually the ground falls into the river making it wider.

The River Rats look like a small capybaras with long white whiskers. The Blue River Rat gets its blue color from a spell. A brown rat named Blitz made a dark sister wizard named Enchanter Sonja of the Astral Plane (#7978) mad. Blitz was her pet rat. Blitz never liked being summoned by Enchanter Sonja like he was a dog so he never came when called. Enchanter Sonja used the light of the blue moon to changed Blitz's skin color so she could find him whenever she needed his help. All the blue rats are descendants of Blitz.

Midnight Spiders

These spiders are dark brown but at night the light of the moon and stars make them glow. Many have thought there was only a few spiders by them until late at night when thousands are glowing and crawling around. The midnight spiders are venomous. The poison will make your muscles stiffen like a board. If bitten by several it usually means death.

Chameleon Snake

These snakes are difficult to see because they change to the color what ever they are touching. They are not poisonous but the chameleon snake likes to collect things and will steal shiny objects from any person traveling by. If you are lucky to find their nests you will also find treasures.


The Rockies are living creatures that look like rocks. They often like to sit on top of each other and form pillars. At night when the moon and the stars come out they hum a soft deep murmur. The Rockies can be found mostly on the east side of the Emerald Forest but occasionally one can find a pillar formation on the west side. Poachers take the Rockies and sell them at open markets as pets. Rockies that live alone often die because they are social creatures and need the company of other Rockies to survive.

Shredding Hickory Trees

On the westside of the Chunky River and along the Iota Path is where the shredding hickory trees grow. These giant trees have dense clusters of leaves that are in groups of five. The dark brown bark peels off in thick pieces. The shredding hickory trees are so large that several adults holding hands cannot go around the base of the tree. These trees are where the giant sloths live. They are also home to the family of woodland fairies with the last name of Hickory. These woodland fairies keep watch over the health of the shredding hickory trees.

Huddle Trees

The huddle trees grown in clusters of five to seven trees in a circle. The canopy of the trees are so close together they form a huddle. There is a much larger tree in the middle and the canopy of this tree grows over the top of the rest of the cluster. It appears that the large tree in the middle in the main tree and the rest of the huddle trees grew from it. The Huddle trees mostly grow on the eastside of the Chunky River and there are a few groups of them on the westside.

Spiked Vines

The spiked snake vine can quickly wrap around you and squeeze you to death while its spikes stab you.

Almanac Plants

Almanac plants-tell you what month it is by the color of their blossoms.













The almanac plant has secret medicinal properties only know to Alchemist Zane of the Plains (#9311).

Crystal Moss

Is a moss that grows only under the rare black oak trees. The moss grows tiny little colorful crystals. Each autumn crystal hunters, alchemists and others search the Emerald Forest looking to steal these rare and valuable crystals. The crystals are difficult to find because they appear for only a couple of weeks each year in October.

Black Oak Trees

These rare trees grow on the westside of the Emerald Forest. Black mold grows over the tan bark until the trunk and branches are covered. Black oak trees have gnarly roots that like to grow across the forest floor. Many animals like to make their burrows under these roots. The Crystal Moss plants can be found around the roots of the Black Oak Tree.

Gossip Beetles

The gossip beetles are black and white striped beetles that crawl along roads and paths. They listen to what wizards and warrior have to say and then get together and gossip about them. The gossip beetles are famous for spending lies about wizards and warriors.

Dragonhead Caterpillars

Dragon caterpillars feast on the leaves of the mighty black oaks and they make their webs at the top of the trees. The silk of the dragonhead caterpillars is excellent for wrapping burns. The soft silk tenderly takes care of the wounds and prevents infection.

Peek-a-boo Finches

The dark green birds are the first bird you see on the west side of the Emerald Forest. They hide behind leaves and trees and watch. If they believe you are safe they will get close to you and play peek-a-boo. It doesn't take long for several other Peek-a-boos to join the fun. These beautiful fun birds are often stolen from the Emerald Forest. Warrior Kathleen protects them from poachers. If caught and sold they don't live long because they are social creatures who need their families to be happy. They need open spaces and freedom.

Onyx Owl

This black and grey owl lives on the west side of the Chunky River along it banks. It is nocturnal and sleeps during the day inside cavities of trees or in abandoned nests. The Onyx Owl eats the dangerous animals and insects that try to cross the Chunky River from the east side to enter the west side of the Emerald Forest. Some it's favorite things to eat are the midnight spiders, dragonhead caterpillars, and chameleon snakes. It doesn't like the taste of the blue river rats and leaves them alone. The Onyx Owls mate for life and often share in the responsibility of taking care of their owlets.

Golden Spoonbill

The golden spoonbill lives along the river banks of the Chunky River in the Emerald Forest. These birds wade in the shallow weeds along the river eating the golden minnows which give them their golden color. They are know to eat frogs, crayfish, and aquatic insects. A grown adult can be 40 inches tall (101 cm) with a wing span of 50 inches (127 cm). These birds nest in the cypress trees along the Chunky River. They are endangered and warrior Kathleen works hard to make sure they are not stolen to be sold on the open markets. The woodland fairies of the Cypress family also help protect these birds that live in the Emerald Forest.

Woodland Fairies

Canon for the Woodland Fairies

The woodland fairies live in the Emerald Forest. It is believed they came a couple centuries ago from Hedge Wizard Wood but there is no written document to prove this. They are distantly related to other fairies across the Runiverse but have lived in the Emerald forest for so long they have evolved into a separate culture. They do not know how to make shoes and most of them don’t wear shoes. They are emotional and their behavior is unpredictable. It is difficult to know if they are going to help you, play a trick on you, or cause you pain.

The woodland fairies have a deep connection to the Emerald Forest elves. They both speak an ancient secret language. They defend each other against their enemies such as an evil wizard, rogue warrior or a random Kobold who wanders into the Emerald Forest and is lost.

Most of the woodland fairies live on both sides of the Chunky Forest with the exception of the healers who only live on the west side but will visit the east side in order to save lives.

The fifteen woodland fairies families are the keepers and experts for their type of tree. Each family also has a major role in fairy culture. The families don’t always get along and sometimes there are power struggles between them. This is why they created a position of “The Ever” who is the leader of them all. When she dies the families come together and will elect a new leader for life.

The Ever fairy has final say in all matters relating to the woodland fairy society. The Ever in charge currently used to be called Kusha and was from the Birch family. Now she lives in a tall silver maple tree by the Chunky River not too far from the town of Almanac.