Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult
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Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult

The Next Great Fantasy Franchise created by Magic Machine

Built on Web3

Forgotten Runes is the world's most robust decentralized franchise. The media ecosystem is comprised of an animated TV show, physical comic books, and a suite of video games.
At the core of these media expressions are the characters created by Magic Machine and sold.
The characters are owned by token holders who buy their characters and have full rights to them.

The TV Show Trailer.

In May, Magic Machine the company behind Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult released the trailer produced with Titmouse Studios in Los Angeles.

It was directed by one of the owners of Magic Machine, ElfJTrul, and narrated by Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones).

This trailer is a first look at the upcoming TV series developed by Derek Kolstad (from the John Wick movie series)

Below is an ai version of the tv show trailer. It's so cool!

Titan Comics is publishing a comic book series world wide .

Guess who is going to be in issue #1...My honorary warrior Kathleen. She is at the top of the 2nd page of cult creators images. I am sooooooo excited!

Video Games

All of the character NFTs are playable in the Forgotten Runes gaming ecosystem as well as other games. You can play video games as the character you own.

Magic Machine is currently in production on a whole suite of blockchain based video games.

Premiere among them is the Runiverse game.

Runiverse game

The beta version of the game ended on 11/16/23.

The full version of the game is being finished.

For more information on the Runiverse game hop on over to the Runiverse page.

Another video game being released soon is Battle for Goblin Town