Art Films

Art Films

Short videos made of my art work for extra fun with unique contexts. All content in these add-on's is made by myself: filming, editing, music, sound, poetry




Water color, crayon, 30 x 21 cm

Current status: Original work sold by the artist

I was trying out new watercolor pencils and was drawing a jackal. Do not ask me why.

Instead I got a long-legged happy-go-lucky young piglet who definitely looked like he's singing Tipperary….



Peilityyni, 2005

Pencil, 14 x 21 cm

Patti Smith already wrote: art/rat. Here's to you Patti!

My rap song is unfortunately only in Finnish, but here is the transcription:

I was walking past a Rat Shop

They sold rats there

Rat, rat, rat, rat, rat , rat, rat, rat, rat, rats

I turned around and went in

They actually sold rats there

Rat, rat, rat, rat, rat , rat, rat, rat, rat, rats

I asked them if it was possible for me

to buy a small ratsy thing

The kind that sits on your shoulder

and also keeps it tidy?

The shopkeeper looked at me

with a blank face and said

extremely formally

yet somewhat concerned:

Do you think you meet the requirements

for the rat to be taken good care of?


Original drawing sold internationally in Taiko, link below.

I Still Hear You



acrylic on cardboard, 74 x 110 cm

Current status: Original work sold by the artist

The original name of this painting is Antelope (I Still Hear You).

I was simultaneously making a sculpture of the same antelope with plaster of Paris and as I had finished it I noticed I had forgotten the ears and quite liked it so. When I got back to the painting, I erased his ears also and called it Antelope ( I Still Hear You).

When wondering what kind of an add-on would suit this painting, I wrote a poem:

I don’t want you deer

it’s my nature

just my nature that burns in me

makes me follow you up

and turn and burn

get caught up by strings

and clothes of all variety

uncomfortable and all

comfortable too

this is what I do

in all these clothes

I say boo

you say:

I still hear you

LITTLE THINGS, 2019, crayon, acrylic, 70x50cm

LITTLE THINGS, 2019, crayon, acrylic, 70x50cm


Here is the link to LITTLE THINGS-video that tells the story of the picture in Finnish on another page where you will also find a transcript in English:

Pieniä asioita


Heini Lehväslaiho Varpusen luita


The ad on my book of poetry: Runoja - Varpusen luita, 2008, WSOY (Poems - Bones Of A Sparrow). Lyrics & music by Heini Lehväslaiho, Tipi Tuovinen on guitar.


jos lentäisit luokseni

ja laskeutuisit viereeni

näkisit katseestani tämän

ennen sinua on sydämeni kantanut

vain pieniä lintujen luita

                       ei muita

vain varpusen luita

Kansikuva: "Puhtaita unelmia": Heini Lehväslaiho 2005

Graafinen suunnittelu: Marja-Leena Muukka



Dakota Kollective presents DANDARO

A one minute film of a sheep and a pin pile. Dakota Kollective made the music (inspired by the film Gadjo Dilo) with Heini Lehväslaiho on vocals and tibetan bowl, Phil Carr on bodhran and Donny McCracken on guitar (2014). Animation by Heini Lehväslaiho.

Dakota Kollective -The Change


Heini Lehväslaiho - Words, music, vocals, guitar

Phil Carr - lead guitar, musical arrangement

Donny McCracken - rhythm guitar, musical arrangement

Charli Carr - bass

Video - Dakota Kollective, Neruda the dog

It was crazy, we did it on one take, no rehearsals!

NOTE the film starts in total silence