Influence, Space Strategy MMO
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Influence, Space Strategy MMO

A grand strategy MMO, set in a distant asteroid belt with a player-owned open economy.


Influence is a space strategy sandbox MMO set in the asteroid belt of the Adalia system. Adalia is humanity’s new home after an ill-fated journey aboard the Arvad, a multi-generational ship that fled a dying Earth.

Compete with other players through multiple avenues: mining, building, trading, researching, and fighting. Colonize asteroids and exploit their resources, build infrastructure, discover technologies, engage in combat. Expand your influence across the belt, either solo or by collaborating with other players.

The first release of the game is titled "Exploitation" and the release is heavily focused on the foundation of the fledgling Adalian economy. Players will begin to expand their influence through the control of valuable resources and supply chains in order to produce goods and provide services. Players will need to maintain a careful balance of resources to build up infrastructure and continue to stay competitive within the Adalian asteroid belt. Focusing on specialization and maximizing efficiency in an ever-changing environment will be some of the keys to success.

In later phases of the game, “Discovery” and “Conflict”, players will advance technologies, invent new items and, eventually, engage in full-scale combat. Influence is for the player that loves the emergent gameplay and vibrant economy of Eve Online, the strategic focus of Stellaris, the sense of scale in the X-Series, and wants to own their experience and help shape their universe. It drives the player to answer the question: How will you expand your Influence?

Our game is slated to release sometime in 2023. For more accurate dates please join the Discord.

Game Testing

Our alpha game client is open to the public. Starting January 25th we will have an enitrely revamped game client and new features for all to test.

Please be aware features are added regularly and due to ongoing development some features may not work while we are working on the client. We do our best to update everyone within our Discord regularly.


Cinematic Trailer - Welcome to Adalia