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Muse is the simplest website builder ever created. Now finally YOU can make one too...
Napa Valley Hospitality
Forum for Winery Professionals
Muse is user friendly, intuitive, and fits our budget. It changes the way our community connects.
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Integrate anything you can imagine.

Muse has custom integrations with everything your company does online from Google to Microsoft and beyond.

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What can Muse do for websites?

In short, Muse is the simplest web builder ever made.

Save Time & Money.

Free. No code. Drag & drop blocks let you make pages 10x faster.

Get Discovered.

Publish public pages to share your big ideas & grow your audience.


Make private pages for friends or teammates to get stuff done.

Make a Living.

Your content is valuable. Monetize it by charging subscriptions.
Everyone a creator.