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Create shared pages just for your clients and give them access to view or even to edit.
Ben Farmer
Guitar & Ukelele Instructor
Each student has a private page where I upload their lesson for the week with videos & sheet music.
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More Ideas for Client Portals

Personal Trainers

Like Ben in the example above, not only can you post workouts but clients can track their progress.

Nutrition Coaches

Post recipes & plans. Your clients can post photos and logs of everything they eat.

Sales Pitches

Rather than emailing a deck, put it on a branded page with video & more.

Investor Groups

Keep your due dilegence on various investments in one place

Real Estate Agents

A place to show potential properties to your clients.

Life Coaches

A central place to track progress and goals for your clients.

Account Management

Post spreadsheets, documents, help text, invoices, and anything you can imagine to help clients suceeed.


All your client info in one simple place.

Muse has custom integrations with everything your company does online from Google to Microsoft and beyond.

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What can Muse do for clients?

In short, be the one place where your clients can go for everything.

10 minutes to build.

Drag & drop your way to a polished site in minutes.

Free to use.

Design, build and publish your minisites free forever.

Earn money.

Your content is valuable. Let your followers subscribe.

Public or private.

Share your ideas with the world or a select group.

Keep Organized.

Everything your client needs in one simple place.

Integrate Everything.

Google docs, sheets, slides, forms, PDFs, files and more.


Just post info for your clients or give them edit access.

And more...

Besides a wiki, make websites, client portals and more.