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Most wiki software is too complicated. Muse is a simple way to keep your links and docs organized.
Impact Enterprises
African Outsourcing Company
Muse is incredibly user-friendly and helps keep our company documents super organized.
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Integrate everything you do online.

Muse has custom integrations with everything your company does online from Google to Microsoft and beyond.

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What can Muse do for companies?

In short, replace Google Drive to keep all your docs organized.

10 minutes to build.

Drag & drop your way to a polished site in minutes.

Free to use.

Design, build and publish your minisites free forever.

Earn money.

Your content is valuable. Let your followers subscribe.

Public or private.

Share your ideas with the world or a select group.

Keep Organized.

Never lose links to your documents or spreadsheets again.

Integrate Everything.

Google docs, sheets, slides, forms, PDFs, files and more.


Add editors to your pages to work on various projects.

And more...

Besides a wiki, make websites, client portals and more.
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Extra creators for $6/mo.
(anyone can edit pages, only creators can make new ones)
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